Post Auto Expire Control

If you running a multi-authors website or blog, maybe you will need this.

The Post Auto Expire Control is a plugin for admin of multi-authors site to control the posts expiration based on the user role and post type.

Plugin Features:

  • Define post expiration rules based on user roles and post type.
  • Define action that will be taken when the post has expired.
  • Sent notification to post’s author before the post is about to expire.
  • Configure the subject and content of the notification email.
  • Define when the notification mail should be sent.
  • Admin able to change the expiry date for a single post.

How to use?

Simple, just adding the expiration rules on the plugin page, and it is ready to go.

The adding expiration form and expiration rules table

The plugin also allow you to apply your expiration rules to previously published posts (posts that published before you install this plugin).  To do this, just click the ‘Apply’ button under “Apply rules to previously published posts”.

  • Cautious 1  -When you applied the rules to your previously published posts, it might be take a while to run. It depends on how many posts you have in your site.
  • Cautious 2 – As soon as you applied the rules, your previously published posts maybe will be removed (depending on your rule’s action). So you have to use this features carefully. If you don’t understand how it works, you can leave a comment here or at the plugin forum.

The post expiration notification email is quite simple, you can defines when you want to send the notification to your author before their post’s expiration. The first mail is for you to control when you want to send the post expiration notification, while the second mail is sending the notification just one day before the post is expired. Of course you can enabled both notification, or either one of the them, or even disable all of them.

If you are admin, and you want to change one particular post expiration day. You can go to that post’s edit page, there will be a meta box with the header of “Post Auto Expire Control” under the writing panel. You can change the expiration day in the box and save your changes.

If you have any problems with current plugin, please send me an email or leave a comment.





12 thoughts on “Post Auto Expire Control

  1. Joe

    I have tried uploading the plug-in and loading it directly from wordpress. From your pictures, I should be able to open some kind of control panel, but all I can do is “edit” the html. After activating the plugin how can I get to the control panel(s) illustrated on your post?

  2. Joe

    ahhh. Found it!

    1. tck30

      Glad that you found the page. For those who don’t know where is the plugin setting page, it is inside the Settings menu.

  3. ericjt

    Does this work with custom post types?

    1. tck30

      Yes, it work with custom post types.

  4. Grég

    Your plugin worked once time, but still not.
    I have Worpress 3.5.

    Is there some plugin non-compatibility ?

    Thank you

    1. tck30

      What did you mean worked once time?
      Just let you know I didn’t tested it with wp 3.5, but i think it should work.
      I don’t know the compatibility with other plugin issue. There are too many for me to test. You can try deactivate other plugin, to see if there is any problem with other plugin.

  5. Andy

    I have also run the plugin and found it hasn’t worked, I am selecting Administrator as the role, because it is me who posted them, and I have set them to draft and tried pending for “Product” post types (WooCommerce) and it doesn’t appear to work. WordPress 3.5.1

    1. tck30

      I never tested with wp3.5 and above, maybe it doesn’t work in wp3.5 or it also caused by conflict of plugins. I really can’t tell what is the problem.
      In fact, I am also so sorry to tell you that, I will be not updating this plugin again, at least not in near future.

  6. sean

    It doesn’t work in wp3.5

  7. tck30

    Maybe, I already stop supporting this plugin. Sorry for this.

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